Seven Years Later and Still a Great Smile!
“In addition to the superior orthodontics, I’m thankful that Dr. Fidler encouraged me to go forward with my jaw surgery. I’m incredibly happy with the results.” – Jill T.

“Love, Love, Love Factoria Orthodontics staff! These cats are on the level! My daughter has come out with an AMAZING smile. And let me say when she needed a new retainer, they were quick to help. I have been a patient of Dr. Fidler for almost a year! I am almost done with my therapy and let say, this man loves teeth. It’s my hope that I can love my husband as much as Dr. Fidler loves teeth. When I come, there has been an adult in each chair with me. He has taken X-rays to make sure that my teeth and MY roots are straight! I should be getting my braces off in a couple months and then my middle daughter is in the hot seat! BTW, they give family discounts.” – Celeste

“Super nice guy. Down to earth, and one of the few orthodontists in the area that isn’t trying to push two phases on every eight- or nine-year-old. Most of the other top ones were hard selling that, but he calmly explained the pros and cons and we decided to wait for more permanent teeth. We’re now at the point where we’ll be getting the first and only phase soon, so I’ll update then.” – Jill